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Foot & Ankle Surgery

What Types of Surgery do Podiatrists Perform?
What does Hammertoe Surgery Entail?
Will I Have to Stay Overnight in the Hospital after Surgery?
Will I Need Surgery To Correct My Bunion Deformity

Diabetic Foot Care

I Have Been Diagnosed with Diabetes. Should I See a Podiatrist?
Why are Diabetic Shoes and Inserts so Important to Prevent Ulcers?
What is Diabetic Neuropathy?
What Should I do if I have a Non Healing Ulcer on My Foot?

Nail & Foot Fungus

How do I Know if I have Fungal Toenails?
How do You Get a Fungal Nail Infection?
How does Laser Treatment Work?
How do I Get Rid of My Athletes Foot?
What is Athletes Foot?

Sports Medicine

What types of injuries do podiatrists treat?
How do I select the proper running shoes?
Why should I be treated by a podiatrist if I have injured my foot or ankle?
What is achilles tendonitis?
Should I treat foot or ankle injuries with ice or heat?

Heel Pain/Orthotics

What are the Treatments for Heel Pain?
Why does my Heel Hurt First Thing in the Morning?
When is Surgery Needed for Heel Pain?
How do Custom Orthotics Keep Heel Pain Away?

Children's Feet

What are Some of the Most Common Foot Problems in Children?
Why is My Child Having Intense Heel Pain?
My Child is Complaining of Foot Pain. Should I contribute it to Growing Pains?
My child is having problems keeping up with other kids on the playground. Could it be due to a foot problem?


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